Playing in the sapphire blue Santorini waters

Making the most of your time in the sun is why you chose Santorini in the first place, and Perivolos is a great place to start! In the end, what is a beach holiday if you don’t get to try your hand in a water sport? You have many options as Santorini caters to all things sea, in line with Greece’s rich sea-faring legacy. Water-sports or just water-fun, Perivolos is a great base if you love a more active beach vacation:


Scuba diving

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced diver, in nearby Perissa you will find Santorini Dive Center and Mediterannean Dive Club. The staff in both places are really friendly yet professional and will go the extra mile to offer you an enjoyable experience. They use quality, well maintained equipment and safety comes, always, first. You may or may not know that Santorini is one of the main areas of interest of the Cousteau Divers. They are an organization furthering pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau work and research into the marine environment. If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of their boats and grandson, Pierre Cousteau.


Fun in the sea

Every year there seems to be another amazing, hassle-free and entertaining activity to spice up your beach time. As luck has it, Wavesports the premium establishment for your wacky and not so wacky water activities, is in Perivolos. Just pick your favourite from the classic tubing, the best option for families and groups of friends, to SUP- if you’re keen on staying lean. Also, there is your classic pedal boat or canoe if you are up for a bit of exploring. Whatever you choose, make sure you take photos!


For adrenaline lovers

In case all these seem too tame for you, at Wavesports, you can try the latest trend of flyboard. We haven’t resisted the temptation ourselves, and it is an experience to remember as you are basically floating on water! For extra fun, flyboard can take you quite high and let you enjoy an elevated view of things. Still, it remains a totally risk free adrenaline fix, laughs included. Finally, if you are after an experience to remember but also share, parasailing won’t let you down. It’s a great thrill for couples who are seeking something different!


 Wind-surfing lessons

If you feel like following in the footsteps of world-class Greek wind-surfer Nikos Kaklamanakis book some wind-surfing classes. Nemely Windsurf & Sup Center specialize in the field. They operate from nearby Kamari beach, only a short drive from Perivolos. However, be warned, the sense of freedom and speed afforded by wind-surfing is dangerously addictive.


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