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A trip to Santorini with the other half is a dream for anyone.


Santorini in Love

The island of Santorini is the crowning jewel of the Cyclades island complex. Its worldwide renown owes to enchanting natural beauty and a millennia long history. You can easily trace its echo wherever you set your gaze. Hence modern Santorini resembles a thirst-quenching cocktail of many flavors, amidst the Greek summer. It is the serene and awe-inspiring aura implied in the name selected by the Venetians: Santorini, Santa Irini, Saint Irene – the patron of peace and calm. But is also the majestic and captivating spectacle described by its ancient name: Kallisti – the most beautiful one. Last, it is the mysterious and untamed adventure land of one of its most popular names: Thira – the hunt. In the end, Santorini’s many graces and diverse character will certainly win over even the most demanding traveler.


Volcano Charm

The welcoming complex of Black Rose Suites is located in Perivolos, a small lively seaside village lying at the southeast coast of Santorini. Our hotel name, Black Rose, pays homage to the island’s volcanic origins and its incomparable landscape. Testament to it, the beautiful 5km beach: nothing short of a vast stretch of warm black sand spreading but a breath away from Black Rose Suites. Our outstanding facilities artfully bridge the cool clean lines of Cycladic architecture and Santorini’s hot, volcanic energy. Perivolos provides excellent swimming spots, translucent waters, as well as sea- and other sports facilities. In addition, you can have your pick of vibrant or not-so-vibrant entertainment venues and ample options for quality local food. Still, if you feel like a change, you can choose an excursion or guided visit to the many charming sights.

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