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About Us

Black Rose Suites – Elegant & luxury accommodation
We offer elegant & luxury accommodation right on Perivolos beach!
We would like to welcome you to Black Rose Suites, the hospitable place to stay in delightful Perivolos in Santorini. We eagerly await your visit to extend you our warm, yet professional hospitality in traditionally styled surroundings, within easy reach of the enchanting black sandy beach and the bright blue sea.
Santorini In Love
The beautiful Greek island in the Aegean Sea known to the Greeks and the world over as Santorini, is officially called Thira, which was the ancient name given to the island from historical times. During antiquity the island was also known by several other names, such as Strongyli (the circular one) and Kallisti (the beautiful one). The name Santorini was bequeathed to the island in Venetian times. Santorini, Santa Irini, Saint Irene.  
Volcano Feeling
Our welcoming Black Rose Suites is located in Perivolos, in the south-east of Santorini, on m-loits most famous 5 kng beach, with an impressive, vast stretch of black sand and unparalleled opportunities for swimming, sea and other sports, entertainment, good local food, as well as for countless excursions and visits to all the sights on the island. Our name, Black Rose, is a direct reference to the volcanic origin of the island’s landscape and in particular to its exquisite beach with its warm, black, volcanic texture, whose touch fills you with volcanic – occasionally hot – energy.